Slow digestion is a problem. When you are suffering from this condition, you are able to digest food, but it happens so slowly that your body is unable to get the energy it needs from the food you are consuming. It could lead to many health issues as well. If you are not able to digest food properly, then your body is never going to get the vital nutrients it needs to work efficiently. You will thus feel tired all the time. Your bodily organs or parts cannot function properly. You might be surprised to know that a lot of the most common diseases are related to digestion related problems. What is the reason for this? Let us find out.

Did you know that around 60% of all immune cells are found in your digestive tract? And so, if there is any imbalance here, it will throw your entire body off, and you will naturally fall ill. This is the result of an immune system that is not working in great condition.

There is another huge risk of slow digestion. If you are unable to digest food properly, it means that, food is staying inside you for a longer time, and so, it will become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause yeast infection, flu, colds and other medical conditions. Chronic indigestion causes bloating, gas, constipation, allergic reactions among others.

What Causes Slow Digestion?

Surprisingly, the main reason why you might be suffering from slow digestion, is the food you consume itself, or the kind of food to be more precise. Over the last few decades, we have been eating fast foods like there is no tomorrow. We east pizza, burgers, fries, sugary foods and all sorts of things that we all know are not good for our bodies. But still we cannot live without them, and as a result, we are now finally paying the price for abusing our bodies. These foods have unhealthy ingredients in them that are difficult to digest, and so, these things remain within us undigested for several hours. Even when we begin to digest these foods, the process takes a long time. Some of these elements are so unhealthy that they can never be broken down. And thus, the process of food absorption cannot be completed.

The sedentary lifestyle we are leading now is also to be blamed. Our metabolism has slowed down since there is no or very little activity. And of course, a slow metabolism slows down the digestion as well.

How to Improve Your Slow Digestion

Frankly, it is not that difficult to rectify the situation. As food is the main culprit, you can easily take out all those foods that are creating the problem from your menu. Eat fruits, vegetables that are rich in fiber, nuts and whole grains and soon enough, you will notice a change. The right foods will help in the growth of friendly bacteria, and this will break down those foods you consume. You can thus digest food better, and your slow digestion problem will be gone.

You will have to strictly stop eating only food. Oil is hard to digest for the body and people suffering from sow digestion will only aggravate the problem.

Another great way to speed up the digestion process is to drink water half an hour after you finish your meals. People drink water just after they finish eating or even while eating. This dilutes the enzymes that are responsible to digest the food inside our bodies. And the result – it takes them longer to digest the food. Waiting for half an hour will give enough time to these enzymes to act and dissolve the food for digestion.

Don’t worry. In the start you will feel a bit uncomfortable, but later it will be easy. After some time it will become a habit.


Healthy Digestion

by admin on July 20, 2012

The health you have depends to a large extent on what you are eating. In other words, if you eat the right foods in the right quantity and at the right time, then you will have good health. And if you are not doing this, then it will show on your health. Your healthy digestion system will be among the first things to get affected. Quite often, food intolerance is blamed for digestion problems. It is often what happens, but you should realize that there are many instances where the problem is caused by low acid in the stomach, digestive enzymes or even a bacterial infection. Jeffrey Bland, who is a well-know nutritionist, has come up with 4 R’s to describe all such things that come in the way of healthy digestion.

How to Get a Healthy Digestion System – Here Are the 4 R’s:

R1 – Remove all food sensitivities, bad bacteria, fungus and parasites.

R2 – Replace all nutrients that you need for digestion.

R3 – Revive your bowels by using friendly bacteria.

R4 – Repair your gut by adding essential nutrients.

Start off by removing all those foods that are not helping you, or worse, those that might be actually harming your healthy digestion. You should know that many of these foods irritate your gut. If this is allowed to continue, then the situation could soon worsen and affect your lifestyle as well. Get rid of some of the most common food intolerance, such as eggs, soy, wheat and dairy products. At least try to restrict the intake of these foods if you cannot completely eliminate them. Stay away or restrict for at least 2 weeks and see whether this improves your condition or not. If it does, then you have the answer. However if you don’t see any difference, then you know that food intolerance is not causing your problem.

You will also have to get rid of bad bacteria and parasites from your gut. It can be done easily by consuming a few herbs and food supplements that are known to kill bad bacteria, fungus and parasites. But before that, it is best to go for a stool test. This will allow you to identify the parasites and the others you must kill. Never grope in the dark to maintain healthy digestion. Find out what you have within yourself and plan accordingly.

Stress can cause digestion problems as well. When you are stressed, the secretion of stomach acids will go down remarkably, and this will prevent your system from digesting the foods you are consuming. Moreover, energy and blood will be drawn away from your bowels – it will be diverted to the muscles and brain to help your other bodily functions. It is your body’s internal mechanism to fight stress. But as a side effect, you will get digestion problems. So try to restrain the stress. Take a break when it seems to much – go on a vacation, if you can’t – watch some fun program on TV or listen to music. It will help certainly.

Healthy digestion is critical to lead a healthy life. Do keep in mind the above issues, and you will certainly be able to make a difference.

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