Do Bananas Cause Constipation?

by admin on February 13, 2012

How many people do you know who have asked you this question – “Do bananas cause constipation?”. Many isn’t it. You yourself wonder if bananas cause constipation.

Is there a relation between bananas and constipation? Some people are convinced that there is indeed a relationship, but there are others who aren’t this sure. So let us find out what the reality is. Keep reading to know more about this.

Bananas, as we all know, have excellent food value. They provide us with potassium and fiber and are full of vitamins. Researches have revealed that bananas can also regulate blood sugar levels to some extent. But bananas and constipation do not always go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the type of banana that you have chosen to eat. But before that, it may be prudent to analyze what causes constipation (except for those who are primarily prone to become constipated) and how to get relief from it.

What Is Constipation and Why Does This Happen?

Constipation is a condition (not a disease) that is marked by problems in defecating. This may happen if the stool becomes too hard and dry. As a result of this, the muscular contraction waves (peristalsis) at the colon’s walls are unable to move the fecal material from inside your digestive tract to the rectum. It may also happen when the feces do not have the necessary bulk to move within the colon as in the cases with severe diet restriction.

What are the causes? There can be many causes actually. It could be low fluid intake, poor health condition as also consuming foods that give rise to constipation. It includes white bread, white pasta, certain types of dairy products and low-fiber eatables. But that does not resolve the bananas and constipation debacle. Please read on to know more about the issue at hand.

No, the thumb rule will not matter here. Instead, you can take the lesson from the traffic lights to set your course, or rather the opposite of it. When a traffic light turns green, it tells you to go ahead, but as it turns yellow it warns you to hold your horses. Now, your choice will be just the opposite in this case. The green one will mean to hold while the yellow one will tell you to go ahead. In other words, a yellow banana will alleviate your constipation problem, but a green banana will aggravate the situation further. The reasons are quite simple. A yellow or ripe banana is high in potassium and fiber and both will work together towards easing the constipation rigors.

On one side, the highly soluble fiber in the banana will help push the bowel movement through your intestine, the fiber being quickly absorbed in the body. On the other side, the potassium will help strengthen the walls of the colon, as a result of which, it will function more effectively. Moreover, the banana pulp will add to the bulk of the fecal matter. Prunes and potassium are considered as natural remedies for constipation. So, eat ripe bananas to cure constipation while green or unripe bananas are considered good for the opposite, that is, diarrhea.

Hope you got the answer to do bananas cause constipation. However in general if you think you are constipated you should follow a certain (good) food habits:

1. Drink lots of water. (8-10 glass a day spread over the day is good.)
2. Eat fresh green vegetables lightly cooked (not raw).
3. Avoid diary products like milk, chocolates etc.
4. Eat beans – very good for curing constipation
5. Eat apples – again good for curing constipation

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