The Benefits of Bilberry Extract

by admin on November 17, 2011

There are plenty of bilberry extract benefits. But this is certainly not news, at least not to all those people from the earlier generations who had been using extracts from this shrub. An extract from this shrub has been popular for a long time now. For generations, people have turned to this to heal a number of medical conditions. However sadly, with time, we lost this knowledge and forgot about these properties. The plant was rarely used as a remedy.

But things have started to change now. Over the last couple of decades, a lot of research has been carried out on natural remedies. Bilberry has been at the forefront of this. Modern-day researchers agree with the knowledge of our forefathers. Clinical trials have concluded that this shrub indeed can help the human body in many ways. Here are some of the main benefits of a bilberry extract.

Bilberry extract benefits

It helps your digestive system and eyes – It is widely known now, that the bilberry extract is good for your eyes and also the digestive system of your body. It contains anthocyanosides, which are actually pigments. They work much like an UV filter inside the eye, offering protection to the eyes from the harmful UV rays that the Sun emits. Researchers are telling us that these rays are responsible for cataract formation. So if you take an extract from this shrub, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy and avoid the formation of cataracts. Lab tests have also revealed that this herb can reverse the process of macular degeneration.

Bilberry extract reduces the risk of cancer – Breakthrough research tells us that an extract of bilberry might be the miracle cure for cancer. It can also reduce the risk quite substantially. The fact is that, clinical trials have confirmed that most antioxidants are good in cancer prevention. Bilberry’s antioxidant compound composition is really strong. It can fight the harmful radicals within the body very effectively. This prevents and stops cell damage. It even stops the process of premature aging too. Laboratory tests, clinical trials on humans and animal models have proved that an extract of this shrub is very useful here.

But that’s not all. There are plenty of other health benefits as well. For instance, it is good for your circulatory system and the heart as well. Though most people take the bilberry extract for vision improvement, but the fact is that, it can help your circulatory system and the heart too. The extract helps women by successfully treating menstrual cramps.

Here are some other ways in which this extract can help

•    Strengthens the blood vessels
•    Treats diarrhea
•    Helps in the treatment of kidney stones and cystitis
•    Reduces breast pain that is related to periods.
•    It reduces hemorrhoids and varicose veins
•    Prevents an onset of gout attacks
•    Reduces infections on the urinary tract
•    Prevents cell damage
•    Reduces bruising
•    Helps people who are suffering from diabetic retinopathy
•    Strengthens collagen

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